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Welcome to Muscle and science®, we are a value-oriented bodybuilding forum. If you're looking for a forum with original and informative bodybuilding discussion, you've come to the right place.


At Muscle and science®, bodybuilding and chemical enhancement discussion are our biggest area of knowledge. In a nutshell, our site can be summarized in three terms: innovation, integrity, and thoroughness. We are innovation because we are constantly striving for cutting edge information, the likes of which have never been seen before. We know the importance of scientific integrity, and are careful before giving any recommendation without the evidence to back it up. Muscle and science®, we cover every aspect, which may potentially affect a bodybuilders goal of reaching their ultimate physique - including physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of life. We strongly believe that a lack of health in any area of your life will directly affect your performance. If you have a question regarding health, fitness, exercise, etc., feel free to join our forums and ask.


We pride ourselves on providing our members with a quality bodybuilding information, because at Muscle and science®, the fitness of our members is our main focus, always remember that we are the best at what we do, join us, and then you can show the world how proud you are. Because We Inspire, Grow and Connect with you.