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Thread: Price List

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    Can I get a list please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdog12 View Post
    Can I get a list please
    Lol try reading from post #1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kins View Post
    What specifically did you like about the list?. You seem to have a limited vocabulary. You are in almost every thread posting 2 word responses. Why not post in the introduction section?. Maybe at least post a complete sentence. Do you do this in real life?. For example, say you are at the supermarket, do you go over to say 20 or 30 different peoples carts and say things like, "That looks good." and then walk away. Then go to a different persons cart and say, "Excellent purchase choice.". Now if anyone responds to you in the store, you just pretend you didn't hear them and go back to your own cart which doesn't have anything in it yet.
    Lol, old post..., but " funny" shit....!

    Don't ask the Question, If your 'NOT ' prepared to
    Hear the answer.......!,

    I "Don't" sugar coat shit....!
    I'm 'not' Willy Wonka....!

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    Probably the best way ive seen a pricelist laid out

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