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    Take just 10 mg along with Mr Hide preworkout and you will be in Best Mode Enhance

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    Please note the Original British Dragon is www.britishdragon.com

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    Your OffshorePharma Team

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    is the only official domain of British Dragon. All other domains that seem to be associated with British Dragon present counterfeit products. The quality of these products is not guaranteed by British Dragon and they are potently hazardous to your health. British Dragon takes no liability for use of products that cannot be verified as authentic British Dragon product.

    All original British Dragon products come in a box with BD-PSS security seal consisting of a label with holo**** which covers a security code. Do not use British Dragon products that come without a box or without the BD-PSS seal. Do not use British Dragon products that you cannot verify through the BD-PSS system as they are most probably counterfeit and potentially hazardous.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Amozoc View Post
    Yup bro its the most toxic oral you can find
    What about Cheque drops?

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    I've been trying Halo for the first time just pre-workout a few times per week. The most I've tried is 30mg. Can't say I noticed much though. Think I might just give up on it.

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