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Thread: Trestolone

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    Any trestolone fans? If so, what dosage? Experiences?

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    Love it. Haven't been able to find it IM. Since I knew it was available in an IM version it had always been sold out. Now I can't find it anymore. I do have the Dermal version and use that at 200mg per day. Also use the oral version pre workout and intra workout sometimes. I take about 100mg all together with the oral version but only 25 mg at a time.

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    I just posted this on another board so I'll copy-paste it here.
    So I've been experimenting with MENT IM for the last few months. There's not much information on this board about it so I thought I'd post my thoughts and what I've found. I'm not an authority on it or any AAS, this is just my opinion. Schering has conducted extensive research into use for MENT both as a male contraceptive and as a means of hormonal replacement. I thought it was noteworthy that it accomplished this at a dosage of 12mg ed. That's another example of how strong it is. I haven't seen anything recently showing that they were proceeding with developing it though. I will continue to use testosterone as my base just in case there are long term effects we don't know about. If you search Google you can find logs going back 8-10 years on various prohormone/designer steroid forums. Several of the loggers ran it solo with mixed results. Some felt great on it, some had to add testosterone back in after a few weeks, some felt that they felt better on MENT alone and preferred it to testosterone. Its estrogenic potency is higher than most AAS including testosterone because 7-alpha-methyl-estradiol (the product of MENT aromatization) shows less affinity for binding proteins. It is thought that part of MENT's actions may be the result of this potent estrogen. MENT itself does not bind to SHBG which may be part of the reason for its potency. That's one of the reasons why I run testosterone with it at an HRT dose, shbg does a lot of things in the body that I nor anyone else knows about. I believe that may be why I felt like I needed to inject it every day as it does not bind to the SHBG so the body uses it as soon as the ester is cleaved away. One side effect I noticed quickly was that it puts my libido off the charts. Like crazy horny all the time. The hot flash after injecting is unique in my experience as well, I'm not sure what causes that. Estrogen surge? I just wish that it didn't aromatize so much. It's not too bad at 25mg ed but once you go 50mg or higher it's tough to control. It really is the only compound I ever needed cabergoline with. A friend of mine who has ran it higher and longer than anyone I've seen warned me about needing the cabergoline and honestly, I forgot. He's ran everything and outweighs me by about 70lb, and it's the only thing that ever gave him gyno. I usually try to keep ai's and SERM's to a minimum but I have to run both with MENT. But I still love it, it puts size on me like nothing else, super-charged libido, and gives me that alpha male feeling. I haven't had a problem with aggression, but some do. 50mg is as high as I'll run it, 25mg is probably plenty really. The friend I mentioned earlier has been running it at 100mg ed for close to a year now. But he competes and lives his life around bodybuilding. It's his favorite and it seems like he's going to run it indefinitely.
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    Have done the pills and im (long Ester decca). The pills are great for pwo.

    In sort yes it's not worth the risk to shoot it. It killed my test level like nothing else. I mean if your already on trt then it might be ok? If your not on trt then you probably will be after im trest. I only did 375 mg for 12 week with 60mg oral. After 6 months pct my total test was 27 and free test .6. Yes my fucking dick was fucking dead!. Doc put me on 50 MG clomid and after 4 months managed to get me up to a total test of 390 but never got above that.

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    You're right, I have to remember to mention that I only recommend it for guys already on HRT. I don't think about it because I and most guys I know just blast and cruise.

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    Thanks for the replies! I'm on trt and have a bunch of trest phenylprop I'm considering adding. It sounds though your experiences are with the oral or transdermal. Whats a good dose for eod pinning for phenylprop?

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    Here is another very great article on it as well.

    How powerful is Trestolone Acetate (MENT) compared to Mentabolan (Mentdione), its
    precursor?There are no studies demonstrating bioavailability of these, but there are
    studies demonstrating their anabolic potency orally. Trestolone is significantly
    stronger than mentdione in what matters the most. This will only be magnified

    How powerful is Trestolone Acetate compared to Trenbolone?
    Trestolone is hands down the stronger compound, with scientific evidence and
    anecdotal support. Trestolone has a 540:840 ratio when compared to
    methyltestosterone, meaning it is at least 5 times as androgenic and at least 8
    times as anabolic. Intramuscularly, it is 2300:650. Trenbolone’s is 500:500. You
    do the math!

    Does Trestolone carry the same risk of sides as Trenbolone?No. There are no night
    sweats. No insomnia. No inappropriate aggression. No loss of libido (just an
    increase!). No overwhelming acne. No anxiety. It really does feel like Test plus
    Tren minus the negative sides, and even with a little more of a kick at a lower

    Does Trestolone Acetate aromatize?
    Yes, very much so. A strong AI (i.e., aromasin, anastrozole) is a must while running
    Trestolone. By abiding by this protocol, you will reap the incomparable benefits of
    Trestolone without the risk of sides.

    How would you describe Trestolone Acetate to an experienced AAS user?
    Trestolone Acetate can best be described as comparable to a combination of
    Testosterone and Trenbolone, although it is chemically an offshoot of Norandren
    (Deca). I estimate that a moderate dose of Trestolone Acetate will yield slightly
    better results than a combination of Test/Tren/Mast.

    What is an effective dosage protocol?
    It has been estimated that even 50mg EOD will yield significant results. I’ve run
    it as high as 100mg ED, and at 75mg ED, but have resolved to run it at 50mg ED.
    That’s more than enough for Trestolone to work its magic!

    What is the “kick in time” for Trestolone Acetate?
    You will literally observe noticeable results within the very first few days as you
    start to become leaner more quickly than with any other compound known to man.
    It’s definitely working at full speed in less than a week.

    What is the PIP like for Trestolone?
    PIP has more to do with the preparation than the compound. If you prepare Trestolone
    correctly, there is ZERO PIP and it can even go smoothly through a slin pin.

    How long should I run Trestolone Acetate?
    Even a 2 week cycle will have significant results. 4-6 weeks is ideal if you want to
    maximize your progress without having to ramp up the dose. One of the main reasons
    guys don’t run Trenbolone longer than 6 weeks is because they can’t tolerate the
    sides. With Trestolone, those sides don’t exist. So longer runs should be

    Can Trestolone be used as a Test base?
    Yes. But for me personally, there is no substitute for Test as a “Test base,”
    even with Trestolone. However, if you are looking for the benefits that Test
    provides, you will be pleasantly surprised how Trestolone outperforms it. Still, I
    would not run Trestolone without at least a mild dose of Test – this should be no
    different for taking it orally.

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    Who carries the oral version?

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    I'm going to be running Elite Genetics MENT acetate in the near future. I'll post up on that. A source over at A/B had the hook up with his MENT at 75mg/ml... a lot of guys I know got big on his Trest. But they had to break out the big guns with the AI's letrozole and some guys did 1mg eod of Adex or ED... its definitely not a compound to mess around with but it's just like 1-Test Cyp... has potential to take your physique to the next level depending on diet and training.

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