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Good morning cuz.
That would be awesome, however the kid goes back Friday. Could definitely be a plan for the future.
I understand, sure we can squeeze something in there in the future.
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Morning brother. Sounds like you have your shit together on the business! I bet it’s exciting and scary as hell at the same time. I wish you guys the best of luck!
It's scary as hell and not anything I ever thought I'd do but its a high profit business that takes very little cash to start. In fact I'm still setting up a few things and don't have all my equipment and I have about 7 accounts just waiting on me and I'm also in the process of trying to buy some accounts as well. I can tell you a friend of mine does this and works 7am to 12pm Mon-Thurs and won't take on anymore accounts because he don't want to work more and he's making $55-60K a year....part time. Depending on what I purchase to start along with my potential clients waiting my cash flow will be decent from day 1.