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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanedoolie1 View Post
    Morning bro. How's that weight looking now? Hopefully didn't drop too much! I feel like if I have a bad day with getting calories in, my weight drops like 5 fucking lbs! The struggle is real. Lol
    Forgot to reply to you too. See above lol
    [B][U]*KEEP IT TECHNO*[U][B]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitraver View Post
    Forgot to reply to you too. See above lol
    Haha! Gotcha! Not a bad loss at all. Doing good bro. Hope your day gets better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitraver View Post
    Morning guys. Damn! Iím 204.6 lost weight at the rave cuz I didnít get in near my daily macros haha. Back at it today.

    Hoping to make it to chest later but I am riding the struggle bus hard at work. Got about 3 hours sleep lol.
    Lol...self inflicted wound those are always bad. Rest up after work and Iíll make some gainz for both of us.

    Iím at PT now just ran through a light high rep chest routine. Now stim and ice and see how it feels later in the gym and tomorrow. Looking promising at least.

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