Pumps are getting insane. Vascukarity is through the roof on this eq. Rack Pulls I probably will keep at knee height moving forward just because Iíve had lower back issues and no matter my form Iím always afraid andnkt injuring myself again. But I do wanna do them to help with my back mass.

9/24 - PULL (Heavy) - Back/Biceps/Abs (Lean Bulk Routine - Week 8 - John Meadows Creeping Death 2 - Week 6)

Back: 2-3 min rest between sets

Meadows Rows:
warmup: 3 sets with lat activation exercises between each set: 25, 35, 45 x 10

working set: 70x10, 75x10x3 (1 rep left in tank to failure) (donít twist waist, pull elbow back and flex lats - can move closer or farther from bar to hit lower or upper lats)

Rack Pulls:
Warmup: 135, 225 x10

Working: 315x3 (going for 5), 275x5x4 (1-2 rep left in tank) (last week was at knee height do mid shin this week ... no rounding back, keep tight the entire rep and explode up at bottom then slowly lower down - rest/pause style on reps so no bouncing)

Straight Arm Pushdowns (barbell):
Working: 65x12 (going for 8), 72.5x8x3 (1 rep left in tank) (lean in a little, keep arms straight and flex lats the whole time)


Single Arm Supinated Pulldowns (single grips):
Working: 55x12 (going for 8), 70x8x3 (1 rep left in tank) (face away from leg pad with back arched over it, drive elbows straight down and move from supinated to neutral position as you pull down)

Face Pulls (seated/single grips):
Working: 57.5x12x3 (1 rep left in tank) (seated with high pulley and pull towards upper chest not face, drive elbows back hard)

Abs: 1-2 min rest between sets

Hanging Leg Raises:
Working: bwxfailx6

Biceps: 2-3 min rest between sets

EZ Bar Curls:
Warmup: 40x10

Working: 80x12x4 (1 rep left in tank) (lower weight with control but not 5 seconds like last week, keep biceps flexed entire rep)

Hammer Curls (did cross chest this week):
Working: 40x10x4 (to failure)

Cardio: none