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    Domestic is OPENED again!

    Our US Domestic section is opened!
    Finally we added new products made by renowned brand CanadaPeptides to the domestic section!

    Please check it here: http://roids24.co/canada-peptides

    The list of the products that are available only US DOMESTIC:

    Boldenone 10ml vial 250mg/ml
    Cypionate 10ml vial 250mg/ml
    Enanthate 10ml Vial 250mg/ml
    Propionate 10ml vial 100mg/ml
    Testomix 10ml vial 250mg/ml
    Deca 10ml vial 250mg/ml
    Nandro Phenyl 10ml vial 100mg/ml
    Masteron 10ml vial 100mg/ml
    Stanozolol 10ml vial 50mg/ml
    Tren A 10ml vial 100mg/ml
    Tren E 10ml vial 200mg/ml
    Primobolan 10ml vial 100mg/ml

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    Sweet ....good news rite here !!

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