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Testosterone Cypionate Powder 80$/50g, 120$/100g,390$/500g,650$/kg
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Testosterone Decanoate Powder 85$/50g, 115$/100g,390$/500g,620$/kg
Testosterone Base Powder 90$/50g, 120$/100g,400$/500g,650$/kg
17-Methyltestosterone Powder 100$/50g, 125$/100g, 450$/500g,700$/kg
Testosterone Undecanoate Powder 120$/50g, 140$/100g, 480$/500g,750$/kg
Testosterone Isocaproate Powder 120$/50g, 130$/100g, 700$/100g, 1200$/kg
Acetate Powder 120$/50g, 140$/100g, 480$/500g,750$/kg
Sustanon250 Powder 110$/50g, 130$/100g, 490$/500g, 850$/kg

1-testosterone cypionate Powder 150$/50g,260$/100g,460$/500g,1650$/500g,3000$/kg
1-testosterone base Powder 140$/50g,240$/100g,430$/500g,1450$/500g,2750/kg

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