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    Hello guys been awhile since I've been on.I kinda had the wind knocked out of me for a minute.In Oct of last year I was diagnosed with Severe Osteo-Arthritis.My right hip joint is completely gone.It had been hurting for months but I just thought it was from bad disc in my back pinching nerves....I was WRONG.I put it off until I could barely walk.Im having comeplete hip joint replacement June 26.I wish it was today.The pain is unbearable at this point.
    At first I let this get the best of me and fekt sorry for myself.Im over that and am determined not to let this win.I just have to change my approach to everything. Life isnt fair and nobody ever promised it would be.You take what is given and make the best of it.I was approved for my disabilty last week without one bit of argument from SSI.That alone showede hpw bad it is.Our Govt doesnt give ***** back that easy unless you are screwed .

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    October sucked for me too. .found out some bad medical news as well. ..just recently back in the gym. ..life throws us some curve balls at times. ..hang in there. .

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    Its been quite awhile since I was here.I had my hip replacement surgery on June 26 and spent the rest of the summer learning to walk again.I'm just now able to workout again and can't wait to get back.

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