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    Somastim - Best Quality, Best deals

    In a recent big project on another major forum top selected GH brands were tested for purity and potency in an independent lab

    You may check out here the results of the Soamstim - http://www.professionalmuscle.com/fo...s-sciroxx.html

    As You may learn the Somastim was tested to contain 20.61iu per vial and complies with all FDA standards

    We've been offering some special deals on this product, as well as on the IGF1-lr3 and IGF-DES and will keep doing it.

    We're the manufacturer so may offer very competitive bulk deals, and always control the quality, any delivery is guaranteed to the USA, the UK and almost any other location

    Contact me on [email protected]
    SCIROXXONLINE.COM Get here Somastim and Somedin (proven pharma quality western made GH and IGF1)

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    Can you tell us more about the IGF1-lr3 and IGF-DES?

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