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    Quote Originally Posted by Oilfield2017 View Post
    I rarely get any side effects from tren. Night sweats and sometimes insomnia.
    With testosterone I get no sides until over 2500mg/week.
    I rarely run orals.
    This right here says you don't get sides till over 2,500mg, so this tells me you have ran 2,500mg. That's why I say if you need 2,500mg of test you must be a big mother fucker. You follow along with me now?

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    2500 mgs of properly dosed test is a professional dose, in my opinion. To each their own, I guess. I have never even came close.

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    Like a lot of guys do I have run a huge dose to see how my body would respond.
    I know quite a few "recreational bodybuilders" that run huge cycles just for the sake of running a huge cycle.
    Massive doses of test, massive doses of deca/eq/tren and then orals on top of that.
    I run 1500mg of test D because it is a longer ester and because of that only so much test is available because of the ester weight. I have a chart showing the amounts of test compared with the ester weight and that is what I go by.
    When I run suspension, prop, TNE I run smaller doses because there is no/less ester weight.
    Same with cypionate and enathate.
    If I was not competing I would run far less but there is ***** involved (sponsors) and personal goals.
    I am trying to maneuver myself into a position where I do not have to work 30 days away from my family in the oilfield and into a spot where I can open a powerlifting gym/powerliftimg coach spot.
    My goals and needs are much different than yours or anyone elses.
    I would never tell anyone to do what I am doing I would just tell them to pursue their goals in a safe way. I am pursuing mine as safely as possible.

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    Dyels tren e is good stuff.
    I have night sweats so bad I have to lay a towel underneath me at night otherwise my sheets are soaked.
    I am also a little quicker to get annoyed with people lmfao although that could just be this new breed of roughneck that cant pull slips or throw tongs.
    I have not weighed myself lately but my pants are looser even though I am eating 8k calories a day. Thank god this is a catered rig or I would be broke.
    All my lifts have gone up even though I am tweeking my form and I am limited by the weight set we have set up on location (squat rack, bench press, 45-95lbs dumbbells, diamond bar)
    Very happy with Dyel be even happier when I am in my hometown gym.

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