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    Is domestic for Raws only? Injectable still overseas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGMAC View Post
    The head honcho was in a very bad accident fellas and in a coma . Everyone will be taken care of . The fella needs prayers.
    Wishing him a speedy recovery! Thoughts and prayers are with him

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKillZ View Post
    And it's closed for 2 weeks now. They said they are refunding everyone. I call bullshit. You know these motherfuckers will sit on my bitcoins and make some profit before they even think of returning them. First time with these numb nuts and never again.
    I didn't know they were closed. Placed an order and paid by Bitcoin. I got an email a couple hours later saying they had to refund my ***** because of what was stated earlier. I had my Bitcoin back within 20 minutes of giving them my wallet. Stand up lab if you ask me.

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    Oh geezer hopefully he has a speedy recovery

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