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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice

    I'm new and posted where you introduce yourself this would be a better location that seems.
    I was in an accident and they had to remove a muscle from my thigh and put it into my foot. I'm supposed to wait for that muscle to dissolve and if it doesn't dissolve they were cut out the extra muscle and I'll have yet another skin graft. I need to get back in shape because I've had to lay on my back with my foot elevated for almost 6 months 3 months in the hospital. I'm doing this solely to get back in shape. Please give me all advice or recommendations you want to you won't hurt my feelings.
    44 years old
    206 or so
    Weeks 1-3
    25mg Anadrol (para pharma)
    1 cc test cypionate (west-ward phara)
    Weeks 3-6
    50mg Anadrol
    2 CC's testosterone
    I will then stop taking Anadrol and drop half a cc of week of testosterone and then continue 1 cc a week.

    Is Anadrol effective at 25 mg a week?
    I've never used only 25 mg but could I take it longer than 6 weeks at that dose?
    Has anyone on here had a skin flap? If so did your muscle go into entropy while taking these products?
    I definitely do not want to have another surgery but the doctors do not think my muscle will dissolve on its own anyway. I had I had two good veins in that muscle coming out of my thigh and the doctor said they usually don't get such healthy muscles and veins. I have to wait until March for them to make that decision anyway because they make you wait one year to let it go into entropy and dissolve. I can't wait that long! As a business owner and the father of 3 boys all under 9 years old I need to be physically fit and set a good example to employees and children. They had to bring me back to life three times and to say that I was FUBAR'D would be an understatement. My head shattered the windshield of the car, my foot depressed the floorboard, my arms went through the firewall. But it's time for people to see me get better especially my boys.

    Due to my ankle being shattered and the bones not healed yet I won't be able to put weight on my foot but I will be able to lift upper body. As of next month I may be able to put weight on my foot.

    My diet is impeccable anyway I've always been a freak about it as my mom was. But if there is anything y'all want to impart to help me out I will gladly take all the advice into consideration.

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    I can add.deca to the mix but I said I don't want to go overboard. No advice?

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    I would just take test probably even some hgh. I wouldn't waste my time with anadrol and wouldn't just run 25mg if you do take it. I would at least take 50.

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    Did you mean anadrol 25mg a day? I concur with 50mg split twice a day.

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    I went ahead and took the whole 50mg. They are just so small. I've had my prescription for test a long time now so I don't think it's going to have a profound effect I'm getting back into shape. So I will add the 50 mg of Anadrol just for a month.
    Since I'm not doing this to bulk up how many calories should I add a day to my current diet?
    I'm going today to get my blood work done since I've only taken one of them I don't think it'll have any effect on my liver yet.
    I used to love the dbol but it seemed to have drastic effects on me I didn't think I wanted to go that far this time. I'm actually not too bad looking I just cannot see my abs and I can feel I've lost some muscle.
    Why do you say not to take the Anadrol? I don't even know if I can get the HGH.
    I've got many extra bottles of testosterone and I've got plenty of that Anadrol, a friend gave me 200 while I was still in the hospital.
    Thanks for the input guys

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