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    More safety for our customers

    Dear customers!

    Data safety and confidentiality of each of you is the most important and primary task which we work continuously. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that from now our site is moving to a new level of protection using SSL technology.

    What is SSL?

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a standard Internet security technology that uses to provide an encrypted connection between web server (site) and your browser. The technology allows us to use the HTTPS protocol (secure connection), which ensures transferred information from your browser to the server and makes it protected from hackers, scammers or anyone who wants to steal information. One of the most common examples of using SSL is client protection during online transactions (goods purchase, payment).

    Due to the use of SSL certificates, you could not worry as the risk of information leakage during its transmission is excluded, and no one will get your personal data used during registration or payment for goods in our online store.

    We chose the best company that provides SSL certificates, COMODO (the name of the certificate COMODO ESSENTIAL SSL Sertificate). It is one of the most prestigious and respected software vendors in the network security market. COMODO products were repeatedly evaluated by the highest awards of independent test labs (Matousec, Virus Bulletin, etc.). Today its services are used by such well-known companies as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Microsoft, Apple, Google IBM, BBC, ORACLE and many others. COMODO’s root certificates are built into all popular browsers and devices, 99.9% of Internet users trust them. And the guarantee of protection against hacking - up to 1 750 000 US dollars.

    We sincerely appreciate your trust in us and do everything to make it justified. Therefore, we use the best tools to protect the interests of our customers and also look forward to a long-term cooperation with you.

    Sincerely, CRAZY DOSER.
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    Regards, CRAZY DOSER.
    Direct Link : www.crazydoser.com
    Contact Us : [email protected]

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