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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushbaby View Post
    Dude just asked me what I was talking bout so I repeated it. But somebody got it on here cuz they were talking bout it other day. I talked to Vicky (customer service) via email but she's actin like she don't know what the heck is going on. I'm trying to place a fairly large order but I'm not doing it until I get a valid coupon code!!! @MGMAC
    Dude you are starting to piss me off ... beat it!!

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    0 fault fellas. I've been reading forums my whole life but to be 100 with u this is the first time I've ever signed up and actually posted. Good look on lettin me know tho..I appreciate it bro

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    @ranger134 If something that petty pisses u off u might want to go to a mental health forum or something bro..real rap. U act like people get on here and instantly know all the rules and all that.
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