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    been doing a ton of reading and research on this stuff. Alot of different views and opinions. Anyone have any insight on this? Finishing up my deca and enathate cycle and was thinking of trying this to boost my natural back.

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    The main methods of applying HCG are done in two ways:

    1. At the end of the cycle, when the levels of synthetic hormones that were used during the cycle become minimal and suppression of your glands disappears. Usually this period for long esters consists from 2-4 weeks. You begin to take HCG in order to "revive" glands. Pay attention: this technique is applied when you become relatively "clean". Usually applied from 1000-2000 IU EOD or 5000 IU every 5-7 days for from 1-1.5 months or more (it depends on duration of your previous cycle and from suppression of your glands)

    2. The second technique is based on the desire to stimulate the glands directly during the cycle in order to avoid their suppression and to approach the end of the cycle with relatively active glands. Usually, for a cycle with long esters, the use of HCG starts from the second half of the cycle and continues until the end of the cycle or until the end of PCT. In this case, for many users, the stimulating dosage of HCG ranges from 500-1000 IU several times a week.
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    Ok much appreciated. This trip ill do my normal pct. Next cycle ill add it to the cycle.

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    TRT docs sometimes prescribe HCG alongside Test longterm to maintain testicular function.

    The following study shows that 250iu of HCG eod maintains 93% of testicular function compared to baseline while taking 200mg of Test-E weekly. 500iu eod raised it to 126% of baseline.


    I usually stick with 250iu HCG eod - estro isn't an issue for me at that dose and my nuts stay healthy, but YMMV

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