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  • Ethanate

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  • Blends

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  • Propinate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain-Man View Post
    Blends,cyp,prop,ethanate,or suspension?
    Mine is prop or a blend like sust I just feel better when I'm on them
    Hi Mountain-Man. You wrote that you feel better with prop and a blend like Sust, do you feel that you look better also?
    Take care.

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    For blasting Test phenylpropionate is my favorite, started a new blend today; 150 TPP, 150 NPP, 150 ME
    isocaproate is nice too, like propionate. I like to do a custom short acting sustanon with shorter esters (E,ISO, PP, P) at 500mg/ml.
    For trt I run test e or c

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    Love the prop ester. Takes effect quicker than the others and is out of my system faster.

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    Any sust like blend or enathate. I prefer a longer ester if I can only have one. Lol

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