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    Quote Originally Posted by suraonyx View Post
    lol I always thought that was funny. And of course some is done for a reason . Just like good ole Powerline Labs by our good buddy Maverick. Everyone thought it was from Mexico but it was some damn good cheap gear

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    Good ol powerline. Hecho en Missouri lol

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    One more "Blast" from the past...! DPharm

    Also known, "I think"...? As PharmRXL all Suspension's were "identical" in consistency, and 20 most for the most part. Abomb, Dbol (in pic ) , Test Susp & h2O winny.

    Smoothest stuff next to what I'm getting now.. for a Suspension you'll "ever" find..!



    Beautiful gear..!
    Don't ask the Question, If your 'NOT ' prepared to
    Hear the answer.......!,

    I "Don't" sugar coat shit....!
    I'm 'not' Willy Wonka....!

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    I had to switch from ip sust because it hurt too much to the brovel test out of Mexico

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    Wow , Memories !!!
    The first lab I ever used was Genshi Labs.
    I've recently heard that they're making a comeback.
    I remember getting Test E and Deca and some Dbol in those Blister packs. And the vials were 5ml instead of the 10ml standard vials.
    I think I got a good 15lbs off that cycle. Never looked back after that .

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