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Thread: google wallet ?

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    Angry google wallet ?

    Many people feel easy to send ***** by goodle wallet. Unfortunatlly, Google wallet cann;t be worked excetp US and UK.

    You can check FAQ in google wallet:https://www.google.com/wallet/

    A Story about payment by google wallet.
    Jan 4th, 2018 afternoon, met a guy who from usa, and said he want a product from us.
    And We talked good, and deal at 150$ for the start, and send him one of our west union account name to proceed.

    Jan 5th, 2018 Morning wake up to find, this guy have been sent about 40 emails over to curse me that we stole his *****.
    and he said he send 150$ to google wallet of the name which name is used for sending by west union. even though i told him that google wallet doesn't work for us. and We are not allowed to receive any ***** from it. but he Insists we stole his *****. and keeping sending emails to curse me.
    Also i showed hime the FAQ writting in the google wallet, which is said " If you're in the US or UK, you can transfer ***** to people who live in your country. You can't transfer between the US and UK or to people who live in other countries."

    And He still asking us sending him the products even though we couldn;t get his ***** and he is the one who are resiponsible for the wrong sending payment.
    He ignored advice on not sending by google wallet.

    We are not allowed to use google wallet, how can i give him a google wallet account. He just created the google wallet account to send the ***** and the asking us to return him *****.

    And He is keeping emails,,cursing.............. till Jan 5th Noon.

    What a fuck i have met~

    I believe this wrong payment will return back to his account at the end since the receiver ***** account doesn't exist.

    the End```````````````

    Above story, just wanna you guys to know that google wallet doesn't work . And don't do such stupid things ever.


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    That should be a common sense topic lol. Don't ever use that shit for this. It's tracked even more for advertising purposes and most people don't read the legal copy as to what permissions they are giving the app. Be safe

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