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    Quote Originally Posted by Disarm View Post
    Maybe he thought you needed to ip your sodium intake? Jokes aside, sorry to hear. Never good to see an expensive raw pushed out like that. Disappointed...
    Yes very disappointed. And I was about to get more

    Beer Me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty-Mouse View Post
    Just to make it clear everyone knows I'm a straight shooter and my wife and me both tasted the product and it does indeed taste like salt. With a bitter aftertaste
    But damn it must be working look at all the (water) weight Im putting on

    Sorry bout that bro.
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    That's some bullshit brotha when you mentioned provi I thought they used provi as a filler, but I guess they did just as a filler to table salt. Shady ass motherfuckers so you guys gonna let Skull pop his ban hammer cherry!!!

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