Hi guys,
Anyone intersted in Finished products as below, Ship from USA Domesticly, no customs trouble, Price as below:

SR9009 10mg/ml sterile 30ml $50, 20mg/ml oral is 70$

GW501516 20mg/cap, 300 caps price for $25.

TresA/Ment 100mg/ml $40/10ml, $80/20ml.
10mg/cap 40$/100caps

Trestolone Decaonate
100mg/ml $56/10ml,
200mg/ml $76/10ml,

MK-677 10mg/cap, $72/300 caps, 25$/100caps
25mg/cap $158/300caps, 53$/100caps

All roid raws + sarm Raws also are in stock, if you are into them, welcome to purchase. The more your order, more cheaper you will have.

Contact : [email protected]