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Thread: Another bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylito View Post
    You know I thought pain was test freak. I thought that to myself but thought it was just me lol
    Oh yeah man itís him lol.

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    Do you remember ifiwas suraonyx? I was on his board along time ago. Underground mass I think it was called. Was you on there?

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    I was thinking the same. As for woman, ive seen it locally where theres been relationship disputes btw partners then the woman spilling the beans of her partners "private" life. Is it me or does it seem like the downfall of many great men are usually caused either directly or indirectly by a woman. But as everyone knows men cannot live without them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank zazz View Post
    Iím not understanding was he not an ugl ? They charged him for mislabeling and not distributing.
    No kidding. Sounds like a slap on the had sentence is coming because of no batch location, makers name not on the label, etc. Nothing said about it being illegal to sell steroids on the internet. Looks like it was a idiot or uninterested reporter who did that piece. If the judge is that bad, he will get off easy!

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