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    Anyone following MMA still?

    Dana white been making it real tough for me to keep up with UFC. Every month a new interim or a stupid ***** fight. Pretty soon i wouldnt be surprised if he has men fighting women.. I am looking forward to khabib and ferguson if it actually happens and the Rose vs JJ rematch

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    Boring fighters now.
    Ferguson is actually pretty bad ass.

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    I don't wanna start anything here, but I feel the whole thing jumped the shark a while back. Too many of everything to keep track of, and the quality of everything has gone down. I'm old school, I miss the good ol days of the UFC. The events were a big deal, and farther in between so it built an anticipation there just doesn't seem to be anymore for the majority of people. Plus, the rules were structured so guys couldn't just go out and punch the hell out of each other, they actually had to USE MIXED MARTIAL ARTS So the answer to the question is, no I don't follow mma anymore. Lol

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    I still love it..the hype isn't a big anymore but they still have some good fights..last night's knock out was worth it lol

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