Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I知 not sure if this belongs in General Discussions or here.

I was hoping to get some suggestions on finding a doc. who understands the importance of Test and can help me even though I知 not the text book patient to get on TRT yet. I知 in the Philadelphia area but I am willing to travel about 80mi to find someone who can help.

Over the last few years I started to experience symptoms (sex drive, erections, mood swings, weight ect.) that indicate declining Test. I just had bloodwork done. It was a comprehensive panel, including thyroid and everything else that could cause my symptoms. Everything was fine and my T clocked in at 585ng/dl. I am 30 years old.
Personally, I think this level is low enough to start intervening, especially considering my symptoms. But my general practitioner thinks my level is fine and refuses treatment. I don稚 want to wait until it gets worse and then start picking up the pieces to try and fix it. I think preventing it from going any further is the way to go here, so I am looking for either a doctor that understands that <800ng/dl is not optimal and does something about it. Or an anti-aging clinic that will prescribe without trying to add me on some diet & exercise regimen of theirs that will force me to come back over and over and spend a fortune.

Anyone here that went through this who can suggest a doctor or clinic?