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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitraver View Post
    Morning push. Power through work.
    Quote Originally Posted by twisted View Post
    Happy saturday sir
    I made it through work.
    Then got some slab work in.

    Back Day

    SS: BW pull-ups wide w/ seated rear delt flyes 5x8/10
    Barbell row 2x12, 5x10
    DB low row 1x12/10/8, 1x8/8/6
    DB shrugs w/ rear delt flyes 4x10/12

    Macros as of now, still plan on eating more and hopefully some adult bevvies.
    Calories 3109
    Pro 197
    Carbs 318
    Fat 95
    Weight 183
    Pick Up Something Heavy


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    Looks solid bro!! I can't have the adult bevvies while cutting...makes me sad!

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