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    Quote Originally Posted by Pushtoday View Post
    Definitely would have preferred to hit Arms.
    It was a quick intense session. But I have to get these things stimulated at least twice a week. Now I can get them in on Sunday again.
    Like that plan...same thing I do!!

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    No training yesterday.
    Tuesday's macros: 2388, Pro 267, Carbs 161, Fat 55

    Today was quick leg session after work.
    Didn't have much time but wanted get something in.....
    Bike 7 mins
    SS: lying leg curls w/ leg extensions 1x20/20, 3x15/15
    Squats 1x20, 2x15, 2x12, 4x10

    Today's macros: Calories 2514, Pro 280, Carbs 161, Fat 67
    Weight 167 this a.m.

    Back day tomorrow.
    Pick Up Something Heavy


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    Morning cuz, kill those back gainz later and enjoy TPT!!

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    Morning you lean mofo
    [B][U]*KEEP IT TECHNO*[U][B]

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