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Which 10 VIALS did you order? Seems like you ordered:

5 x TEST E Stealth Lab [1 x 10 ml sachet (250 mg/ml)] = $140.00
5 x TEST C Stealth Lab [1 x 10 ml sachet (250 mg/ml)] = $140.00
yes seems like that is what i ordered not ******* brother can you not see my concern? Its already discussed im bitting the bullet here noone mentioned what "********" in any exchanged...however Ive already communicated with you in your website or another of your colleagues and they confirmed what i received is your way of stealth packing in disguise...still not sure about injecting something labeled *******...better off a silver plain sachet or to have been told what print these would come in the minute order is shipped via email etc...

Happy Easter!