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    Cool PSL Upcoming Testing.

    PSL Mass Spec Analysis

    PSL will be sending out several our our higher end and most expensive product out for testing.

    We understand that when you spend your hard earned cash, you want to know that your getting what you paid for.
    With that in mind we will be posting results of some of our pricier products that we've sent out for Mass Spec Analysis.

    With all the bogus and bunk products being peddled by some UGLs.....We would like to provide you some reassurance that as always with PSL you can trust our quality and dosing to be accurate.
    Most of you already know that you can rely on PSL for all your needs, but for the newbie who has many options to chose from this should help make their decisions a little easier.
    And for the seasoned vet or our valued repeat customer, you will know that we have not become complacent or allowed our quality standards to be compromised.

    As always: For questions or concerns contact myself or any team sales associates via PM's
    Or simply email us at-
    [email protected]
    Pick Up Something Heavy


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    Love to see labs doing testing like this. I ran PL back in the day and it was great.

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    Sounds good to me bro .....

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