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    No PCT kind of ...

    Just a short background and then in ti the question.
    Male / 51 / 6ft / 215 but general good health other than Low T.
    Getting ready to have pre bloodwork done.
    Plans are to run Test 250 Cyp and Anastrozol.
    Reason for choosing anastrozol is that my research showed it actually heightens the effect of test (more joose for the squeeze).
    Since eventually I will be basically dosing to medical acceptable levels of TT ... this will be a life long choice.
    This is where I am not sure about the anastrozol as an AI.
    From what I understand the Anastrozol does nothing but block estrogen and does nothing to reduce the production. So, what happens to the blocked estrogen? Does it just get magically filtered out of the body or what?
    Should I at some point switch to a suicidal AI like Aromasin instead?
    Also, I will still have tamoxifen on stand by as a just in case scenario because the last thing I need is a set of tits lol.
    I have not had any sleep in the past 36 hours so I apologize in advance if my post / questions are not clear.

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    Disregard. Google fu to the rescue again.

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    If it were me I would pick adex to start off with.

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