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    Really. I might have to check it out then.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mick View Post
    I'm an Android guy used to love the LGV20 but now my phone is an iphone X thanks to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macedog24 View Post
    Really. I might have to check it out then.
    That's not want I meant bro lol, I would rather have a Droid for sure. I'm stuck with an iphone because of work and why pay for two phones....

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    I have an iphone X and although it's leaps and bounds better than my last phone(6S), it still has glitches like all iphones do now due to that shitty ios10. Sometimes my phone won't turn on or off wifi, sometimes it doesn't respond, etc. But, I do love the Face Id and Apple pay is so convenient for vendors who offer it.

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    Hey bro. I don't have an actual phone recommendation for you but I will say I am like 3 years in on a galaxy note 5 and I bought an otterbox case for it. Whatever phone you buy, be sure to get a nice case that is thick and has screen protection......just like an otterbox. I know some people don't like the thick bulky cases but man I learned my lesson when I dropped my S3 and now I'm all about that extra armor. Those cheapass rubber phone condoms you get off of amazon don't do shit when you drop that thing.....especially if it hits on the corner.

    Good Luck

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    LG v30 is the phone that has it all for sure!

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