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    Quote Originally Posted by CompoundLifts31 View Post
    Why would you think that I would???
    Logging "FREE" gear from multiple sources is just bad nature man... Kinda makes you look like a gear whore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick View Post
    Logging "FREE" gear from multiple sources is just bad nature man... Kinda makes you look like a gear whore.
    I understand where y'all are coming from.
    First and foremost, I'm no gear whore. I spend quite a bit of ***** on here. I don't post up personal TDs for my privacy. I only post up TDs when asked, and that's usually when I rarely do a free log. I usually don't even do logs of free gear.
    I am pretty active on here. Check my posts. I don't believe I've asked to do logs before. I just recently decided to ask to do two logs.
    I AM doing a log for 20 days on some prop I just received from Roids24. I'm not denying that.
    I will be doing these 2 logs separately and thoroughly. The log for Roids24 will not be a long log though.
    Also, it's quite obvious that tren base would be used with other gear. I have my own gear that I'll be using doing this log.
    I believe Tren base can be logged with whatever someone is using at that point because it is used pwo.
    I know you guys have a good point here. That's just not me. Honestly, if Push wants to pick someone else for the tren base log that's fine by me. It's just something I've been itching to try. I'll just buy some if he wants to go that route. No hard feelings whatsoever. I feel I have a good rep on here and I want to keep it that way.
    I respect certain people on here. Achilles and Mick are some are a few of them.

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