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    If he wants run it let him ....all we can do is share experiences ....I bet as soon he peaks on that mtren he will be flyin high for approx 4 or so wks then total shitty feeling .. lethargic..out of breath ... agitated.... aggravated.....over all unwell feeling ...then it may dawn on him his liver values maybe at toxic level .....then maybe he will stop ?? But by then his body will need alot of time to recover and shit may not!! No cycle he runs from that point on will feel the same as here remembered it....

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    Totally true twisted, once you really push your body to the limits and beyond, your body never really feels the same on the juice, and you need a whole lot more than you used to just to make "any" gains. It's like you build a high tolerance, then you are screwed for life. I used to blow up on 200 mg. of Test. E. a week. I would be lucky to even be able to function sexually now on that amount, let alone make muscular gains. That comes from too many years on the juice at too high of levels. I think I caused my anabolic receptors to shut down.

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