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Free test wouldn't cause it in fact that being higher is a good thing its what your body can use and not just the total test floating around in your system. Anavar also will not cause joint pain but it will have you pumped to the point that's painful...in a good way lol.

Something else is causing this bro. Any possible injury or anything of that nature?
I had a serious wreck years ago and had a right knee and right ankle replacement along with a shattered right femur that required pins along with massive internal injuries but other than that no ... lol.

It's mainly my left (good) knee that is bothering me and shoulder joints.

Hell, maybe my body is just in an adjustment stage who knows?

The good news is bloods don't lie so at least I know how I should proceed for the most part.

As far as the anavar, I know it's not aromatizing so I wasn't worried as far as that goes but was thinking that my problems might be stemming from dehydration and I know anavar dehydrates.

From the blood results, I am thinking I should carry on with the 300mg test / anastrozole .5 eod (since my e2 came back at 32.1 and that is close to the high side of 35) and try to intake at least a gallon and half of h20 daily and see if anything changes.