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    i just do nova log pre workout

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nsane504 View Post
    Hey brothers I've been a member on this board for a while but the past year I had a bicep tare and was out of the game almost the entire time I was about 235lbs 10% bodyfat before the injury and time off but I have shrunk down considerably. My question is I'm just starting back and ready to cycle again so I'm trying to fill my body back out as quickly as possible I'm gonna be running tpp 800 wkly, npp 600 wkly and Anadrol 50mg twice daily but I was also looking into running insulin pre and post workout similar to the mutant protocol but didn't really have the funds to run the growth with it so I was curious on your guy's opinion on running insulin without gh and your opinions on how you would go about doing it? Thanks guys and I'm glad to be back!
    I agree on waiting until you have GH.
    As I am sure you already know, AAS are the biggest part of the gains equation and one can getting pretty good results with AAS and proper diet/training.
    Sounds like a decent cycle so you should be good brother.

    As for slin without GH -- I have done it but only low dosage (2iu humalog) just to load injectable carnitine. I'd pin carnitine pre-workout and then slin about 45 mins later intra workout while drinking EAA and Cyclic Dextrin intra, then hit whey + creatine + carbs post workout right about when the little slin would be approaching a peak.

    Quote Originally Posted by Achilles87 View Post
    I don’t know how you guys take so much gh. I swear I must be very sensitive to it because anything over 5iu I can’t handle the sides.
    Man, I am with you! I see all these BIG gh dosages and wonder HOW??? I ran 8iu a day and couldn't sleep because it felt like my hands were swelling up (they were not but it felt like it) and the carpel tunnel was nasty.
    Ankles were bloated to wear the line from my socks stayed indented for hours after taking socks off.
    Brother, even my jaw muscles swelled and I couldn't chew properly.

    I am thinking 5iu might be my limit and higher than that I am likely to have to tap-out again.

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