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Thread: New Things

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    Releasing that tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaOmega View Post
    Looking over inventory of powders. Think we are good to release a few things. Hgh is looking VERY promising and just a few more testing of kits and I will repease it.

    Sorry it took me a minute to respond. As you know i have a rather big issue on my hands and my dad i were at the lawyers making his last will. Was pretty intense. Set in pretty hard that this may be the last few months possibpy year I have him with him. We will try everything we can.
    Sincerely wish your pops (& you the best brother AO.)

    Very sorry /sad to hear this, this is def something I do not look forward too. My folks are in there 70's , but seem very energetic / kinda youthful.. but ya never know when it's our time.

    Just be sure to spend as much time as possible w/him

    So it doesn't have to you (time is precious. No doubt )

    Don't ask the Question, If your 'NOT ' prepared to
    Hear the answer.......!,

    I "Don't" sugar coat shit....!
    I'm 'not' Willy Wonka....!

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