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    Always thought my arms would be my best part but they just dont match the upper body.....legs have come up but the arms ha e become a priority.....I just started 2 times a week about 2 weeks ago....basically throwing in a compound for bi's after back & 1 for tri's after chest(4sets each)....then I have arm day later in week....supersets for bi's/tri's is hard b/c I go to a busy gym.... I'm thinking about heavy/low reps since elbow finally feels ok....anyone else solve this issue?....thanks

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    I was experiencing that with my chest. My chest has never grown that large with normal workout and chest routines. No matter how hard I tried in the past. What ended up working was training my chest multiple times a week and mixing up the workouts. Now i train chest 3 times a week. I have 2 individual push days that i train chest heavy but I usually pick another day and do at least 4 sets of 8 reps around the world flies. Again, I've had to grab some odd and off the wall workouts but my chest is bigger than it's ever been and I push more than I ever have.

    I know the post is specific to arms but muscle is muscle. Train the trailing muscle groups more often and they will grow.

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    Don't take this the wrong way but I would look into how your lifting. Nice slow focused reps to failure is what your looking for but again form is the most important part of this. I've have plenty of guys ask me how to grow arms in the gym. I'll have them work out with me to see what's going on and every time the problem is they are picking up way to much weight ego lifting with bad form and the muscle they are attempting to work isn't getting it. Not saying this is the case but I would bet some of this is a contributing factor.

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