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    New product

    Geptor 400mg/tab 20tab /box
    Condition: New product

    Supplier:AO BEPOAPM
    Chemical Name: Adenosylmethionine
    Comes In:400mg tab
    Dosage: 400-800mg/day
    Active time: aprox 48hours
    Liver and mind protect

    What if I told you that most pharmaceutical antidepressants are nothing but a big fraud?
    What if I told you that most supplement companies that market LIVER AIDS are a big scam?

    Read blow to find out about a better, safer and a more effective alternative...

    What is Geptor (Heptor, Ademetionine)

    Active ingredient listed are the following:
    Ademetionine (Ademetionine) in the form of S-adenosylmethionine.

    Hepatoprotectors are classified as antidepressant drugs/substances that may reduce depressive like symptoms
    and/or detoxification like effects and most of all PREVENT LIVER DAMAGE.

    Depending on the compounding group on average 1 tablet contains 400mg Geptor ademetionine,
    and crospovidone, mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate as excipients.
    The exterior structure known as the shell is composed of polyethylene glycol, akriliza, copovidone, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

    Geptor is known to possess amazing detoxifying properties, enhanced wellness/mental state and improved cognitive behavior along with amplified sense of well being, improving mental disorders, regenerating properties, anti-depressant effects,
    antioxidant and last but not least neuroprotective properties -
    it increases the level of production ademetionine cysteine, taurine and glutamine (liver support and detoxification),
    methionine lowers, normalize metabolic processes in the liver.

    Its also been evaluated and recognized that when used with patients with opioid and/or alcohol addiction
    it's proven to ease withdrawal symptoms at the same time improves the condition of the liver, assisting with rejuvenation!

    (bonus info) It also possesses the ability with regeneration of cartilage and connective tissue..

    It's notoriety comes from its ability to reduce depression and return the quality of life in users making life feel more enjoyable again.

    Most successful treatments may last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. All tablets should not be chewed,
    and should be consumed between meals, and never taken in liquid form..

    It's a GREAT alternative to those harsh chemicals that may be used to treat depression that are known to have a slew of unwanted side-effects like
    loss of appetite and lack of interest in things, and/or sexual dysfunctions..
    Geptor is a breath of fresh air when compared to prescription medications that actually works FASTER, BETTER and MUCH - MUCH SAFER!

    Some known side effects may be the following:
    Slight onset of allergies (rare), and Mild heartburn..(Not a bad trade-off compared to those UNACCEPTABLE side effects from
    Pharmaceutical antidepressants that often work with less results for the majority that take them)

    Now that I have your attention, listen: Imagine no more unbearable conditions that may hinder you from your daily life,
    imagine something that can remove these dreaded anomalies, depression, fatigue and so on..Imagine having the ability again to solve problems without worrying about internal problems?

    Unlike pharmaceutical antidepressants or liver supplements that flood the industry that leave you in the wake of anticipating
    to feel better by providing a false sense of security that without them everything will get worst, turning you into a mule that is
    desperate to feel better because they claim that you need to feel better and that without their care it will be an almost impossible feat..

    Nonsense.. Geptor reduces daily life stressors and symptoms that may be depressive in nature or behaviors, it does so naturally..When all other medications have abandoned you and failed to deliver Geptor will stand in their place by providing you with the results that you need and expect at a much safer cost.. You owe it to your health, stay PROTECTED and take care of yourself..

    This awesome product is available at by clicking the link below
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