To start off Iíve had 4 decent cycles then I started blasting and cursing low, recovered from a few injuries . Took about allmost a year off started again last December for strength and mass training pretty much thatís it. Cholesterol and lipids got a bit wild but got them in check. Plan on ruining 500mg of test and using .5 of aromosain e3d then when I kick off to 750ans above I will be using 12.5 every 3 days until I get blood work and dial it in. Will be running at 14 weeks superdrol 10mg pre workout and that all for this cycle.

Will drop back to 175 every week after this cycle for about 4- months or so. Then blast again hopefully slap some slin and gh to the mixix again. Last run wasnít to good did not like running the slin just hated the feeling got great mass canít say it was good quality due to the dirty diet but definitely fills the muscle in. Been checking different routines for slin and gh protocols. Havenít really dabbled much in that
My favorite cycle would be test - mast -npp allís bove 500mg. No orals added slin and gh to this specific one and toward the end the insulin just didnít like it much. Was only running 5-7 iuís of novolin r and 5iu,s of Black tops for 5 months or so.