Now you have a cycle or two under your belt.
And you think you're ready to try tren.
You've done you're research and you know that starting with trenbolone enanthate is probably not a good bet for a first tren cycle.
If the sides are too much for you to handle, you want to be able stop and have the tren cleared out within a couple days.

So tren ace it is...
Of course you see everybody else running it 100mg EOD, but you're a little cautious (wisely tren is not to be taken lightly)
Of course you will be running test also, and maybe you decided to give test prop a try or maybe you're going to run a long ester (cypionate or enanthate)
Either way I have a suggestion that could be a really good option.
Euro-pharmacies Test P 50mg / Tren A 50mg from PSL

This is a fantastic choice for a first tren cycle.
Lower dose to see how you react, only one pin eod gets the job done. Then if you want to you can ramp up the dosage to find your sweet spot.
Another great use for this product would be to jumpstart a long ester cycle.

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