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    Champagne Gains on a Beer Budget

    You've heard the phrase before: "He has Champagne taste and a beer budget.'
    Now what that means is: To like expensive things you can't possibly afford.

    What I'm talking about is....
    Champagne Gains on a Beer Budget.
    The difference is you CAN afford these gains.

    Here is the math.

    (1) Mix and Match 5 injectables $175 (2 Test C, 3 Test E)
    (2) EP Dianabol $30
    (2) EP Winstrol $40
    (1) EP Arimidex $50
    Total $295 + $25 Shipping = $320

    Here is the cycle plan
    Week 1-12 Test E 500mg a week
    Days 1-25 Dianabol 40mg ed
    Days 60-84 (last 25 days) Winstrol 40mg ed
    Arimidex .5mg eod if needed.

    After that Blast you still have the Test C to run at a cruise dose for 12-18 weeks at 200mg a week.

    Sooooo....Even if you ran the 12 week blast and then 12 weeks at cruise dose, that's 24 weeks.
    That is less than $14 a week!

    Click the link below and access your Champagne gains!
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