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    Going to start a blast soon..

    So, I was going to just jump in on the blast a few weeks ago but decided to start at what will be my cruze/trt dose of test before I start my blast. My last labs came back at a T level of 240, and 200 on the one before that, so I figured it would be better to get used to actually having some test in my system before going full on with it. My doc wants me on trt, but the VA doesn't want to pay for it because I'm still "too young" so I'm doing it myself.

    Anyway, been on 250mg/ew of test e for the last month, probly going to continue for another month before starting:

    1-20 Test C 250mg/ew (trt dose continued)
    1-20 Test prop 100mg/EOD
    1-10 Npp 100mg/EOD
    10-20 Mast prop 100mg/EOD
    1-10 Aromasin 12.5mg/EOD
    Caber on hand

    Labs were done before I started the trt dose, and will be done before I start the blast as well as mid and post blast as always.

    My question is would M-W-F work instead of EOD?

    The only reason I ask is, well to minimize pins, lol. I was hoping I could do my trt dose on Sunday like I have been, and the short esters M-W-F to keep things simple.

    My buddy says the weekend isn't going to make for much blood level fluctuations, but I'm not convinced. Anyone done both with bloodwork?

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    I'm venturing to say that a MWF schedule is going to be just fine. The half lives are what really matter and you're not going to be anywhere near them between Friday evening and Monday morning, which is how I would suggest to pin. I went on vacation this past summer and went 4 days without pinning on prop and didn't notice a thing when i got back.

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    So been doing some thinking and I think I'm going to just stick with the longer esthers, I have a few vials of test e and deca from my old source and I might as well get rid of them.

    So maybe something like:

    1-20 Test e/c 500mg/ew
    1-20 Deca 400mg/ew
    1-20 Mast 400mg/ew
    1-4 Dbol 50mg/ew

    Still debating the dbol

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