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Thread: Eq info

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    Eq info

    Hey guys just started eq test cycle for bulking love decca but can’t stand the sides what do u guys think of eq getting a lot of neg info on it from internet thanks guys.

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    Funny you should ask. I've been doing research on EQ for quite some time now. See I think the problem is that most people tend to have to use EQ at ridiculous levels. Between 800 and 1000mg and for about 16 to 20 weeks with most saying with the undecylenate ester they don't start seeing much until around the 12 week mark. Thats a pretty expensive compound mg for mg. The gains are minimal compared to most compounds and it really isn't a "bulking" compound. Now if you want clean lean muscle with vascularity, great endurance and a joint lubricant then EQ is right up your alley. It provides great protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, hence the vascularity. The gains tend to be pretty clean and keepable as well. I don't intend to run EQ for a few months myself but this is the general knowledge I have gained from months of researching it. All of my research was obtained from other user experiences and the Anabolics book.

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    I personally didn’t get much in terms of weight gain, but for sure if you’re going to run it as it kind of needs to be (high and long) seriously consider donating blood as the increase in RBCs can turn your blood into Penzoil. Definitely helps in terms of endurance but thick blood is not good from a health perspective for a myriad of reasons.

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    Iím running it at 600 mg/week for 16 weeks itís only good as a recomp. I canít see doing a bulk on it. I did get some lean muscle on it and the sides are definitely manageable. Blood pressure can increase on it and some people get anxiety. I have what I would call very slight anxiety from it. It feels like I just had a 5 hour energy but that feeling lasts all day. Kind of an edgy feeling. It keeps you motivated all day but some people might not like that ON feeling.

    If you PCT, I probably wouldnít run it since youíre shutdown for so long. And a 4-5 month cycle is just LONG. Iím definitely looking forward to a training break. When Iím on cycle I like to push it harder to get my *****ís worth (Iím a cheap bastard).

    My next two cycles are going to be quick hitters with short esters. But I would do another EQ cycle sometime. Itís just that there are more effective compounds.

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