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    10% OFF the entire U.S DOMESTIC List For the First half of AUGUST

    For the first half of the month of August we will continue the current promo at 10% off of the u.s domestic list.We are going from 15 down

    to 10% which will continue to give a discount for our new customers.This 10% off promo will run until august the 15TH.

    $150 Minimum

    carrier MCT

    At 10% off we still have good discounts added to what we like to have available and affordable.


    After 10% off

    $36 Tren Ace
    Test prop $18
    $31.50 Masterone Prop

    Current U.S Domestic List

    Test- P 100 :$20
    Test- E 250: $30
    Test- C 200:$25
    Sustanon 250: $30
    EQ 300: $35
    MAST-P 100: $35
    MAST-E 200: $40
    NPP 100: $25
    DECA 300: $35
    TREN-A 100: $40
    TREN- E 200: $50
    TREN BASE 100: $40


    *Payment method options

    Please message me or send me an email to hear our Payment options. *WICKR ID rside1

    *Ordering Instructions-
    Send Email to [email protected], clearly state what you want to order, your ship to address and payment method all in ONE email

    please. Do NOT send payment without emailing us first.

    Example order. *Email us with this format to order*

    In the subject PUT "U.S DOMESTIC"

    TEST P x 5 vials -$100
    DECA x 2 VIALS -$70
    TRENBAS X 2 VIALS -$80

    Total $250
    promo 10% off -$25

    ORDER TOTAL = $225
    shipping $15.00

    Final total $240

    Ship to
    John Doe
    38 rockwood DR
    hooterville, FL 32216

    *STATE YOUR PREFERED PAYMENT METHOD (request payment Method options via messaging me here or email ([email protected])

    We will email you back with payment instructions and once we receive your funds order is shipped same day or next morning.

    If you have any questions at all reguarding our available PAYMENT OPTIONS please feel free to pm me here or Email me at
    [email protected]

    [email protected]
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    For everyone who has participated in this promo thankyou for choosing us.There is still time to jump on this sale for those would like to try us out at a good discount.

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