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    Yea I'm wondering if caber would've helped. That would be some scary shit though for sure!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by twisted View Post
    I dont know much about it , but if your pee pee stays hard to long blood vessels may pop or some shit and that will cause permanent damage ....apparently its serious stuff ......
    Man that legit makes me never ever want to try cialis ever again lol. It gives me bad sides anyway and Iíve never tried viagra but I may never haha.
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    Iím no Endo, but I have never heard of a correlation between that condition and AAS. Caber and prami obviously deal with prolactin, but high prolactin (which at least in a natural body raises post ejaculation) creates a refractory period where you generally canít get/maintain an erection.

    I would venture to say thereís a fair chance some of your gear could be ďtaintedĒ with a PDE5 inhibitor (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). The condition which arises (which someone smarter than I spelled earlier) seems to be specific to this class of drugs.

    Definitely a scary situation brother, a concern when applying a tourniquet is lack of oxygen to the extremity, as well as the retention of low oxygen/high waste product blood in said extremity (obviously still better than bleeding out). While you didnít tie off your hammer, having a similar affect can lead to tissue death, and thereís no scientific/professional way to articulate THE PHUCK WITH THAT NOISE!!!!!!

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    Man that's some of the craziest shit I ever heard of. I didn't even know that was a thing. I'd bet Skull wouldn't give a fuck though. He would just drain it and take it to the blood bank on his own lmao.

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    I would think that maybe he lowered prolactin too much or something. If it was too high like @Self Forged said he would have the opposite problem. So I think maybe he used too much caber or used it when it wasn't necessary. This is just a guess though, we all respond differently to different hormones. I would have asked at the ER, or at least would have got some blood-work to check all hormones. Otherwise if you don't what caused it, than it will likely happen again if you do the same cycle.

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