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    God forsaken octagon plates!!!

    I wasnít sure if I should post this in training or in general discussion, but I just about lost it tonight and needed to vent (I canít be the only one).

    I train at two gyms, one is fairly hardcore with a true deadlift platform, Texas power bars, and bumper plates and round plates. My other gym, which is much closer to home and more often than not much more convenient as far as the schedule, is a straight up corporate gym.......and at least around my neck of the woods, corporate gyms have those ridiculous octagon rubberized weight plates.

    I understand they probably get these things cheap in bulk, and for the most part the donít cause issues, HOWEVER, when Iím trying to rip some decent weight in deadlifts off the floor , and one side rolls forward or back one face, I know Iím an inch away from a disk H-bombing in my spine.

    Iíve never been a fan of rack pulls, but they may be a necessary evil for me (definitely easier to set up bands with them anyways).

    Sorry for the rant fellas, but sometimes I just shake my head at the Costcoís of gyms these days. Have a good one

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    I can't say I've ever used octagonal plates but I could see why that would piss you off lol. No matter what it is in the gym, if you go to do something and either the machine is busted or they don't have the weights on the rack because some jackass left them in a corner or the damned cable on the tricep machine is busted or other random shit it can make your blood boil fast. That's why I stopped spending ***** on gym memberships and maxed out 2 credit cards over a 2 year timeframe to build my own gym in my basement.

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