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    Mental effects of AAS on females

    My girlfriend tried Anavar and Winstrol before. Both gave good results, she says that the Winstrol improved her mood a lot and made her feel confident all the time. While the Oxandrolone only affected her physically.
    Has anyone made the same experience? If so, why do you think that is? I suspect that the increased androgenic properties of Winstrol could be the reason, but Iím just guessing.
    In general, how do different steroids affect you mentally as a female?

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    My wife is taking Var for the first time and she says she has a general good feeling all day long. Motivation for days to do even mundane tasks, she has tons of energy and it makes her horny which is crazy right now because I'm on Tren! We did get bloods for her and she was quite low on natural Test so I assume all of these feelings, just like for men, are being attributed to the rise in Testosterone. The same would also be true for Winny I would guess.

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