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I picked it up when they were brand new here.
I would say it’s ok then. I think it was later on when the oral stuff happened. This shit happens with ugl’s that don’t test their products or try to do it the cheap way with a roidtest. I’m sure aol could have fixed the problem here and we could have been cool, but he wanted to run his mouth and lie.

I’m sorry I just have a problem with a source that can lie so easily. He made a mile long post about having a “biochemist” on his payroll and everything of his got tested and we were all wrong. That’s just bs he says to make people buy his shit. It’s no different than a source getting bad lab work and blaming it on this and that and no one but then knows what they are talking about. Any source like that I would personally never run their gear no matter what, so if you do use it don’t feel bad if it’s weaker.