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I do not check it but I have gone hypo from slin snd know the symptoms of it and how I feel.
Was just going to chill in {without reading all in this thread, but saw this so your def not alone
(no shame in my game..! ) Ya live & learn, & hopefully don't fuck up enough to "keep in learnin"...!! Right...?

Slin is no joke , gojs talking about going hypo in orals .
Perhaps.. I always kinda thought it had more to do with Tren { when I ran it frequently } but I have also ventured
the Slin, GH heavy carb moderate fat/moderate protien route. And have missed times some things in my journey.
( But well prepared... albeit ...! ) Slin hypo is no.joke

My worst "accidental" slin mishap, (and last , most recent like last summer ). Had slin, & GH in the same cigar tube in the fridge , or maybe separate , but relied on smell of the Slin.

...as it has a very prominent smell , like the additive to
Natural gas.....?? Lol... No, not protien Farts ya dummy...!
Anyhow.. shot 30+ i.u. of which I "thought" to be the last 3.3 i.u. of GH...! Hmmm , your thinking what an idiot..!
.fucking eh right what an Idiot...! No joke get it right , it'll kill ya ....! And I've known this , and have had very successful runs with it, like 17-22 keepable lbs .

So ,. I do the 3.3 i.u of GH on an empty stomat (my usual )

Dieting, or not on GH it's first upon waking /& t-4 with it
Not year round, nor t-3 year round.but if cutting..

T-4 more so but doesn't have to be a re-comp or cut , it's
Just "necessary " on growth...! K...??

My 30 unit GH to make me feel good , get doing it's thing with lipolysis.. & a nice string coffee (empty stomach )I go outside to do yard work..., Raking..? Whatever...

Sunglasses on so sort.of dis arrayed anyhow cuz of the. shade's.., have been hypo maybe twice , three tops b4 ..

So know what to look for , know ( at some immediate point ) something's not right..., Tingly fingers (worst than good GH , sweat beads forming where they don't usually.
Back, top of head , clammy cold hands & fingys ( numb tongue.. ) << worst....! Get it under control quick...!

Realized , instead if assume..( but I did sniff ) just didn't register (the Slin smell..) when I double ✓✓ 'd ..
Sure enough , wrong dart ..

So now I color code, or use specific tubes to put "all" differing peps "marked" (toothpaste tubes of variing color ) cigar tubes GH & igfLr3 etc.