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    THAT long awaited brand is FINALLY here

    We present you the return of GEN-SHI LABORATORIES

    The company is finally back and looking better than ever! With new designs, packaging, a fresh breath within their company, Gen-Shi has been brought back looking better and stronger than ever, as it seems ready to conquer the bodybuilding world again. We are proud to welcome back Gen-Shi. It wasn't a long run we had before, but we're finally teaming back up and at UGF we are happy to announce, that we are an OFFICIAL SUPPLIER of Gen-Shi products. You can visit their website www.genshilabs.com and click on "Supplier Check" - type in our website, and it'll approve us with a "YES".

    We're definitely excited and looking forward to add their entire new line of products, once they are all available. Until then, we present you the 8 oral products GSL with which they are starting their beginning. These products are packed inside blister packages, lying in beautiful boxes.

    GET FREAKY WITH GEN-SHI right at our website at incredible prices!

    ORALS 54 tabs/box*
    Anavar 10mg GSL $30
    Clenbuterol 40mcg GSL $19
    Dianabol 10mg GSL $20
    Modafinil 200mg GSL $35 *(30 tabs/box)
    Oxy 50mg GSL $35
    Sibutramine 20mg GSL $20
    Turanabol 10mg GSL $27
    Winny 10mg GSL $20

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